Hosted By Jesse DiSimone

Jesse DiSimone is the US National Bronze medalist. He has a history in Sumo, competing in the US Open and at California clubs.

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Coached by Russell Ames

Russ is a Judo master that also owns a gardening co-op in Washoe county. He has been dedicated to promoting Sumo in the Northern Nevada Area since connecting with Jesse

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Weekly Practices

Biggest Little Sumo offers weekly practices to people of all skill levels, from the basic exercises to complex throwing mechanics. Interested parties, please contact us.

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A Video From Nationals

Nationals in 2013 was held in Independence MO. The Ref in the video is USSF president Tomas Zabel. There were Over 30 competitors including USA Team Members Kena Heffernan, Robert Daniels, and Kelly Gneiting. A fantastic Event. Jesse is on the right behind the ref.
Draw vs Andre and Loss vs Robert Daniels